Copies Conformes was born one morning of September 12th, while the need to create was stronger than anything. Matching outfits was the idea. That's why I call the company Copies Conformes.

Creating customized fashion apparel to never look like anyone else, to match with babies, to get matching family outfits started. 

I wanted to highlight the weird and the beauty of each human being, while listening to  his own tastes and style. The magic pen, able to create a cloth that LOOKS LIKE YOU , that displays the message you wanna give!

Let me introduce myself. I'm Joanna, 34 y.o, mum and entrepreneur at the same time ( not that easy btw :) I have always been guided by creativity and art. I have always wanted to be different, to create fashion, to be on trends and on what's coming next.

Copies Conformes is here to listen your needs, your ideas. To create THE right kind of product you want to have. You just need to contact us and we'll create the perfect product, the one and only that will match with the special moment you wanna have. 

We already have a wide catalog of customized items you will surely love. Take a look at it !

Handmade in France

Never Forget, our aim is to offer you the products totally match with YOU

Yours Faithfully,